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Postman Dhadhra PIC 1

Previous Status

The postman in the Dhadhra Gram Panchayat of the Mandangarh village used to demand bribes from pregnant and lactating women and forcibly ask for their funds to be granted by the government.

Current Status

The postman got suspended. A new postman has been appointed who is performing his duties properly.

Place and Village

PHC (Primary Health Centre) Singodi, Village Mandangarh, Block Amarwara, District Chhindwara (MP).


Under the PACS Project and with the Lead Organization Swadhikar (New Delhi), SJKS searched out the following facts and findings:

It was noticed by the HAG in the Dhadhra Gram Panchayat that the postman use to take the fund’s share forcibly and the women did not get the full and proper benefits of the government schemes. The HAG and members of SJKS contacted the people of the village and made them aware of their health rights. After consulting with them, they filed a complaint with the District Collector, Sanjeev Singh. In a public hearing, in the presence of the collector, the postman was suspended.


With the efforts of HAG in the village and complaints made by the people, the accused Postman is suspended and the new postman is working properly.