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Previous Status

Postman of Village Mandangarh Village Panchayat Dhadhra of Amarwada block, district Chhindwara, took money from poor dalit, aadiwasi pregnant and lactating women. He used to exploit poor women economically.

Present Status

Postman Devendra Suryawanshi is suspended and new postman LakhanLal Chandrawanshi is working at his place.


During PACS program, workers of Satyakam Jankalyan Samiti came to know about problem of exploitation of poor women economically by Devendra Suryawanshi, postman of Village Mandangarh. He took money from poor dalit, aadiwasi pregnant and lactating women for opening account, made payments at his name from accounts. Poor dalit, aadiwasi women were upset due to this economic exploitation of Postman. Workers of Satyakam Jankalyan Samiti and members of HAG (Health Action Group) aware the community and told them about their rights so they were organized and complaint about Postman Devendra Suryawanshi to District Collector Sanjeev Singh during Public hearing and demanded suspension of postman. Demand of community was accepted and Postman Devendra Suryawanshi was suspended.


There have been joining of other postman Lakhan Chandrawanshi and considering the last incidence Lakhan Chandrawanshi is giving special attention to his work and behavior towards poor dalit aadiwasi women.