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Gadarwara Case PIC 1

Previous Status

Devanbai is a resident of Gadarwada. He belongs to a poor community, who didn’t pay much attention to her health, nutrition and health related tips given by the health service providers. Due to her negligence of health tips, her 3-day old infant died of malnutrition.

Current Status

Now Devanbai is an informed woman about the health related information, which is very vital for both the mother and the child.


Under the PACS Project and with the Lead Organization Swadhikar (New Delhi), SJKS searched out the following facts and findings:

It was noticed by the HAG in the Linga Gram Panchayat that Devanbai was not aware of the health related information and facilities provided by the government agencies, which led to the death of her 3-day old infant. The HAG and members of SJKS contacted people of the village and made them aware of their health rights. After the consultation with the people, Devanbai is now an informed and health conscious woman. She is aware of the health facilities available in the various Government schemes.


Now Devenbai, who was once unaware about health-related information and facilities, is seriously aware about her health and the facilities provided by the Government schemes.