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Previous status

Water leakage from the roof of school building in village Guraiya.

Present Status

Repairing of roof after complaining to CM helpline by Sampat Parteti, Leader of CBO (Community based Organization) named HAG (Health Action Group).


There was the problem of Water leakage from the roof of school building in village Guraiya, as the roof was weak. Student faced problems due to water leakage and did not go to school for studies. As well as it caused health problems in students and teachers. Community was tense and wanted to solve this problem, so they reached to school management for requesting to solve the problem of water leakage, but they did not do anything.
Sampat Parteti, Leader of  HAG (Health Action Group), who belongs to SC community called to CM Helpline toll free no. 181 and complaint about the problem. They gave quick response to the complain and a team of officers came to Guraiya village to investigate about complain of water leakage and gave assurance to solve problem.


Marginalized community is now aware of their rights and united to solve the problems, who was muffled, unaware, not unite and not having leadership. During PACS project members of marginalized community were motivated and aware to their rights..