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Previous Status

Aanganwadi worker used to do inappropriate conduct and discrimination with the women and children of ST/SC community in Guraiya Village. Husband of AWW used to drink and quarrel and abuse to community members. Community members were disappointed and tense by behavior of AWW and they were not able to access better health facilities at Aanganwadi center.

Present Status

Aanganwadi worker gives non discriminatory health services to Dalit-aadiwasi communities. VHND is being organized properly and daily distribution of poshan aahar is being done by her, so ST/SC community is able to access health services available in aanganwadi at village level.
Aanganwadi worker Ms Puniya Parteti and her husband are irresponsible to distribute Poshan Aahar in Aanganwadi center in Guraiya Village. She sales the Poshan Aahar rather than distributing it. If community members ask any information, AWW and her husband abused and quarrel with people. AWW does discrimination and untouchability with women of ST/SC community.
Due to this behavior of AWW pregnant women of village was not able to access health facilities and advices on time. Because of her husband’s abuse people hesitate to come to AW center and deny taking facilities.
This problem was brought before organization by HAG (Health Action Group) formed in village under PACS project. PACS project team motivated the HAG members to solve the problem, they were agree to complaint about Aanganwadi worker to Woman and Child development department of Chhindwara district. A written complaint was given to WCD, so block supervisor Anita Rai came and did checking of that aanganwadi center and gave warning to AWW to change her behave towards dalit aadiwasi community as well as to be accountable for her services.


Changes in behavior of AWW and her husband. They stopped fighting with community and AWW is now responsive to dalit and aadiwasi women and children.