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Direct Bank Transfer

Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
Address of the Bank: Parasia Road, Chhindwara (MP)
Bank account No.: (FCRA) - 24850100000650
Bank Account No.: (Local) 24850100011486

The name of the account holders:

Ashok Mandre (President)
Shabana Azami (Secretary)
Omprakash Mishra (Treasurer)

Study on Bhariya community in Patalkot region
(Based on culture, livelihood, food availability and accessibility, Health, Education, Transport facility, Rights and Government schemes/programs in community)

SJKS has conducted a study on Primitive tribe Bhariya community in 12 villages of Patalkot in Tamiya block of Chhindwara district. Bharia tribe is one of the Primitive Tribal Groups of Madhya Pradesh and confined to the regions of Patalkot valley. Mainly depends on the forest produce for their livelihood. Population of Bharia community is continuously decreasing therefore a number of government efforts are being done to save the tribes. For example Bharia Development Authority is working for the welfare of the community.The main goal of the study is to delineate the issues related to the living status, access to basic amenities and government run schemes, and vulnerability of the Bharia community in Patalkot region, a dense forest and hill area in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.