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Mentor Vanshilal Bhanray, Meeting with Samanta ke saathi

Direct Bank Transfer

Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
Address of the Bank: Parasia Road, Chhindwara (MP)
Bank account No.: (FCRA) - 24850100000650
Bank Account No.: (Local) 24850100011486

The name of the account holders:

Ashok Mandre (President)
Shabana Azami (Secretary)
Omprakash Mishra (Treasurer)

Partners for equality project was run by SJKS in 2018-19 under Ek Saath National Campaign with support and Guidance of CHSJ (Center for Health and Social Justice), New Delhi in 9 villages of 5 blocks- Jamai, Parasia, Tamia, Mohkhed and Chhindwara in Chhindwara district .

6 mentors have selected 201 male from rural community to motivate and aware them to become the Partners for Equality and come together to end gender based discrimination at family and village level.