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Direct Bank Transfer

Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
Address of the Bank: Parasia Road, Chhindwara (MP)
Bank account No.: (FCRA) - 24850100000650
Bank Account No.: (Local) 24850100011486

The name of the account holders:

Ashok Mandre (President)
Shabana Azami (Secretary)
Omprakash Mishra (Treasurer)

National campaign Ek sath, MAE, Madhya Pradesh

By moving forward the campaign for engaging  males against  the inequality in male-female and women violence in aegis of MAE (Men’s Action for Equity) under Ek sayh campaign Satyakam Jan Kalyan Samiti (SJKS) has celebrated ‘Initiative of males against the women violence and gender inequality week’ from 28 November-20 December 2016 in 24 villages and 8 educational institutes in Amarwada and Mohkhed block of Chhindwara district. Through different activities males were motivated to take initiative against inequality and women violence and to be geneder champion during Ek sath campaign.